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What colour is your rainbow? Discover “Chakra Therapy” and the healthy value of their hues.

The word CHAKRA in sanskrit means “spinning wheels of energy”, and each chakra moves in the opposite direction of the other. When balanced (optimal wellness), they spin simultaneously. When imbalanced, we could be prone to illness. Diverse chakra modalities vary in how many chakras exist in the body, but most therapists use a 7 chakra system. Each chakra has its own colour and each one defines the mind/body activity in that area of the body.


CROWN-Violet: Understanding, connection with the divine, universe BROW-Indigo: Imagination, intuition,insightfulness THROAT-Blue: Communication, creativity HEART-Green: Love, intimacy, balance relationships SOLAR PLEXUS-Yellow: Self esteem,energy,confidence, inner power GENITAL-Orange: Sensuality, joy, desire, passion ROOT-Red: Sexuality, logic and order, grounding, fight or flight

Interestingly chakras are part of our daily interactions and constantly can be affected by those around us.

Those of us who work directly with clients know what I am saying when you “get a read on someone”. Sometimes a client may be saying one thing about their health, but their body and vibe is saying another story of wellness. Your chakras can be altered by a simple hug, so imagine what happens during a lengthy spa visit, body euphoria! Yoga is one of the oldest practices that can balance the chakras. Some therapists can actually see the chakra colours while working on a patient.

What to expect from a session? A typical session may involve the passing of hands over the body, most times not even touching.

Will I be clothed? Yes, but wear loose natural cotton attire.

What happens? A therapist will read your energy level by either asking some questions or having you stay quiet. They scan the body from head to toe picking up hot and cold spots, and identifying colour changes or vibrancy of colours.

Will it hurt? No. You will probably fall asleep, it feels so relaxing.

Will anything strange happen? Some people don’t sense anything but deep relaxation, while others may actually sense seeing colours.

Will I be given anything take? No, but just like any spa treatment drinking water after keeps the bodies energy in flow.

Is there any homework? Awareness is always the best homework of life. If you want to know more just ask your therapist for some helpful reading exercises.

Keep your rainbow bright from head to toe and please take advantage of my MY GIFT TO YOU! Book your FREE 30 min. wellness or spa consultation now at:

Contact me for more information on this article. Listen to your body and to what is going on around you, NOTHING happens without a reason.

namaste… ASHe

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