NuMan groomed 


"Manscaping is not just about the removal of some hairy areas, its about trimming and grooming" body hair to look more natural and clean.

Why Manscape?

Manscaping is like a haircut for your body. Using various applications that may involve waxing, clipping, and shaving that accents your physic and work-outs.

Does body hair clipping hurt? …NO, Does shaving body hair hurt? …NO, Does waxing body hair hurt? …Well, let’s just say it doesn’t tickle,

but most sensations are quickly felt and the results are totally worth it dude!

Book a complimentary manscaping consultation where we establish a game plan that may involve one or more hair removal options.

We then create a body hair pricing bundle that suits your body and budget.

Note: All equipment and machines are sterilized and cleaned for each session.

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