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TOXIC PEOPLE Not unlike toxins in the environment, toxic people inflict serious harm without warning

As a wellness coach, I assist people in achieving a healthier lifestyle. It may sound harsh, but one of the first things I have them recognize toxic behaviour in people around them which may cause personal and professional chaos. Daily life is stressful enough without the additional drama of people pushing us past our limits - all about them attitudes. They themselves, at times, aren’t aware of their ritualistic infectious behaviour which threatens our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Not unlike toxins in the environment, toxic people inflict serious harm without warning! Rely on your instincts by adding positive social patterns which are healthy, keeping the toxic negative behaviours at a safe distance - becoming well-minded people.

Well-minded people have the ability to handle toxic people easier than others; they possess a keen sense of emotional intelligence that allows them to act quickly, not to become harmed.


  1. QUICKLY ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES: Well-minded people are productive and effective. No need to be rude, or abrasive, but cut to the chase and dodge the bullet by setting boundaries sooner than later.

  2. CONSERVING ENERGY: Well-minded people keep their energy while toxic people drain it. Turn off the conduit of negativity and keep the pathways clear from destructive attitudes.

  3. LIMITED BELIEFS: An easy identifier of toxic types are their limited belief systems and victim mentalities. The difference to becoming a well-minded person is to change the mind set. This moves beliefs in a new direction of taking action and making positive changes. The real art is to avoid the nay-sayers that never seem to see the light of change.

  4. CREATING RESILIENCE: Remember toxic types show up without warning. Well-minded people build up a forcefield of knowingness that can deflect a toxic person without them even knowing it.

  5. TIME MANAGERS: Toxic people will take up time with endless questions and repetitive uneventful tasks. Well-minded people are powerful time managers knowing when to delegate or refer toxic people into another dimension.

Being compassionate toward everyone is a beautiful attribute, but toxic people can bring you down fast! Toxic people are not bad people, but are somewhat lost in their life journey most times not realizing the effects of their negative behaviour. Direct them toward a trained professional, counsellor or phycological healer, and use these “5” steps to becoming a more well-minded you!



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