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Rebooting you’re mindset “to serve”.

To some, the meaning “to serve” feels somewhat subservient, a negative status positioning, yet true inspirational values and inner power comes from our abilities “to serve” others. Spa and salon visits are becoming more about profit margins, loosing their ability to assess the client’s real needs, along with it the art “to serve”.

To serve effectively, one must place their intention to become the best that they can be. When I coach or train other professionals, I too must be able “to serve”. What better way to expand upon this art than to be coached and trained myself, setting the bar even higher. One rock star coach, David Taylor, who is based in the United Kingdom, has become my more influential coach and mentor. He is a international super coach, prolific author and one of the most raw and sincere individuals I’ve ever encountered in years. David opens each session by asking his clients “How can I make this conversation an exceptional moment”.

Try saying this phrase out loud, “how can I make this moment exceptional?”. Powerful? yes! Now lets take it a bit further and make it into a plan of action statement and say it in the present tense - “I am creating this exceptional moment”. Sense the difference? By being present, you are bringing you are manifesting your intentions into the now! Use this powerful tool the next time you greet a client, or when you begin their session. Even venture into trying it when making booking on the phone, email or text, by asking “how can I make this moment exceptional?”.

We all want exceptional moments in our lives, like the “WOW factor” or “A-HA” moments”. These are the moments we want to share with the world! Or at least on social media.

As a spa and wellness coach/trainer, I strive to serve my client’s needs via one on one, or group coach/training sessions that maximizes extraordinary personal moments that creating overabundance junctures to be shared by all.

This rippling effect usually generates humbling acts of kindness, directing the soul to meet the hearts of others. It just doesn't get any better than that.

How “to serve” effectively?

A typical question that pops up in workshops is “How can I serve effectively”? If one is seeking clarity on various life objectives, one must apply these guidelines.

Recipe “to serve”:

Be prepared to give, and then give again.

Never limit your abilities or beliefs. There are endless resources at your disposal to expand knowledge… use them.

Ask those around you: “how can I make this moment exceptional?”.

Most of all, listen more and talk less, and just be exceptional!



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