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When it comes to a POSSIBLE2DAY experience

"it's all for one and one for all"! 

Here are some powerful in the now moments !

Catherine Blay
   Lab administrator
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I found these sessions to be interesting, fun, informative and thought-provoking. ASHe’s upbeat personality gave me a lift and I really looked forward to each session. 

His perspective and coaching style are no-nonsense,

but caring the same time.

He’s rooting for you and you feel it!

I would strongly recommend him as a get you going coach.

Carlee Pelkey MacDonald
Yoga Instructor 
Arnprior, Ontario, Canada

Hi I’m Carlee. I’m a devout yogi and have been practicing for the past 17 years, along with having my own yoga studio at home “Happy Tree Yoga”. Taking part of POSSIBLE2DAY coaching brought about intense emotional moments that needed to come forward, but ASHe created a safe, knowledgable space for me to express whatever emotion was needed. He served me well! 

He's very kind, and patient, full of great knowledge and light in his heart.

I feel thankful and so happy to have had this opportunity with ASHe as my coach and friend. 

I give this two thumbs up!!!!!!! 100% baby!!!

Thank you so so much ASHe for your love, time and  wisdom and for sharing with me.

William Morris
Orthotherapist - Reiki Master
Wakefield, Quebec, Canada

I have found ASHe's course to be an invaluable kick start for me to reacquaint myself with my life. This may sound odd; however, Ashe, through POSSIBLE2DAY, help me understand my personal stumbling block. One of which was the fact that I wasn't  putting  the same amount of time and effort into my own well being as I was  into my clients. ASHe's words and guidance gave me the ability to look at my life objectively through his eyes. He also provided clear action  that enabled me to begin my goals immediately. 

I highly recommend ASHe as a coach, and for any future programs which he creates. He can help you improve the overall quality of  various relationships in your life, such as work and leisure. Thank you ASHe! .

Mandy Marshall
Coach & Consultant
Placencia, Belize

ASHe has a way of keeping my creative mojo going, and is a constant support with my coaching business via our weekly Skype meetings. His advice can move emotional mountains, and shares such pleasant advice on the POSSIBLE2DAY FB page. He led the group in a variety of exercises related to wellness and lifestyle and how they could be reflected into our daily relationships. Such great fun to be part of this tribe. Namaste! 

Michelle Rediker 
Boston Mass, USA

ASHe and POSSIBLE2DAY created an amazing opportunity for me to feel that unique pulse to take a stand. 

His POSSIBLE2DAY FB page provided a space to share feelings with other group members about several topics   around creating healthy relationships. I had never felt judged with any of opinions, and felt a constant momentum moving propelling me towards my my goals. "I highly        recommend ASHe as a coach and mentor! He's awesome, and       you'll feel nurtured as you reconnect to healthy ways of being!" Thank you.

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