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Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a perfect practice to be in the moment and listen to your body. I will assist you to find the correct posture and pose that brings you immediate healing benefits. In the posture, I will press or massage areas of your body to assist the asana.

Restorative yoga routines should be altered every 6-8 weeks to be aligned with seasonal changes.  

Restorative yoga is meant for you to rest the body yet rejuvenate cells in the muscles and body chemistry. 



Mindful-meditation is a great way to calm the exterior world so we can deal with our own being. We tend to be humans doing instead of humans being. 

This process lets you "start where you are" and then I will guide you through a creative visualization with unique music and sounds accompanied by blissful music. 


Restorative Massage

Similar to a massage, restorative massage invites you to stay in body posture on a treatment table, then applying massage to areas of the body that may hold tension.

The treatment begins with energy balancing and a mind/body check in. Regular massage can be added to the beginning or after the restorative massage. Most people feel amazing after one session. 


Lifestyle Coaching

Day to day we seem to be putting out fires, our lives at times may seem muddled or confusing leaving us feeling imbalanced. Some emotions stemming from this could be stress, irritability, and fatigue.

My role as a lifestyle coach is to keep you on your personal path of self-awareness and self-care. We all have the ability to reach our wellness goals but at times need a coach to take us there. Let me be that coach for you!  

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Retreats & Workshops

We all have "One of those days... weeks, or even years that seems to leave you feeling depleted and completely drained of resources. 

Self-love starts with unplugging and rejuvenating through workshops and retreats. If I personally don't have something available I would be honored to become your personal concierge and find the perfect get-a-way for you to rebalance.


Life Quotes

Sometimes we just need a quote of the day to balance our mind-body and share with friends and family. 

Quotes and images help us heal, and take us out of our squirrel mind so we can imagine, dream or fantasize for a brief moment or two. Enjoy the offerings. 


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