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My Story

For decades, I have been providing wellness coaching and creating personalized spa treatments that engages an optimal life journey for many people from around the world. 


Through this campaign I have taken on the role as an educator, mentor and healer and realized my true "dharma"... my life passion.


I’m a natural creative, bringing to the table prolific lifetime experiences which encompasses academic, and entrepreneurial achievements. Not only have I mastered areas in the beauty industry in film and television as a hair and wig designer, I've created businesses in the salon and spa industry such as In Sync Hair design, The National Arts Centre, and Place Des Art Montreal. In 1995 I created the wave of male aesthetics and solely founded BODE Spa for Men in Ottawa, Canada. 

Moving to Montreal, Canada, I began to expand upon my teaching and coaching joining the ESI Spa International team and travelled internationally.

My academic background in wellness and lifestyle management and certifications as a yogi, cosmetologist, and massage practitioner, provides me with the appropriate platforms to educate individuals, and corporations on the benefits of wellness practices at home and in the workplace. I have presented at wellness shows across Canada. My clients have included the International Spa Show Canada, BC Hydro, BC Transit, and the YMCA Vancouver and Toronto. 

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